Dār ul Iftā - Jāmia Nizāmia

 Jāmia Nizāmia has provided guidance to the masses for the past one hundred and thiry years From the very beginning 'Darul Ifta' is working in Jamia Nizamia from which fatwas are issued . In Islamic jurispridence clarifications sought for in complicated matters are replied to. The fatwas issued by Jamia Nizamia are accepted by all courts of the Indian Judiciary.

The fatwas are issued after obtaining the scruplous opinion of all the Heads of Departments. Darul Ifta is managed by one Chief or Sadar Mufti ,two Naib Mufties and one fatwa writer. Every year, more than 2000 fatwas are issued.

Countless oral clarifications are also issued from this branch to the seekers of Islamic guidance.

Fatawa are also issued to answer questions asked weekly by subsribers to two prominent Urdu dailies of Hyderabad viz. The Munsif Daily and the Etemaad Daily in print.

Fatawas are availabe to internet users through email.






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