: Assalam`alaikum and Welcome to Jamia Nizamia :

          Jamia Nizamia is a giant star in the history of Islamic Institutuions of the world. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious Islamic Universities of India. This noble Institute was founded 134 years ago in the erstwhile State of Hyderabad and has since then endeavored to preserve the traditional understanding of Islam and its normative sciences through the means of thoroughly recognized unbroken chains of Islamic authorization viz. the Ijaza and Isnaad, which go back fourteen centuries to tie the institute and its scholars, to the beloved Messenger of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad sallalahu `alaihi wa sallam (may peace be upon him).

 Jamia Nizamia was founded in 1292 al-Hijri (1876 ad )by the renowned and Noble scholar and savant of Islam al Shaykh al-Kabir Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Islam Moulana Hafiz Muhammad Anwarullah Farooqi Fazeelath Jung `alaihi rahmatu wa riDwan

Over the last century Jamia Nizamia has produced some of the most renowned and respected scholars of Islam from the Indian sub-continent. The service rendered by the scholars of Jamia Nizamia constitutes a Golden chapter in the history of service to Islam and its Sciences.

Jamia Nizamia has been widely and historically called as the Al-Azhar of al-Hind (India) for its thoroughness and standard of education ; the remarkable service that this institution has rendered in the past century and more is well known to all in the elite circles of Islamic scholarship. It was mainly due Jamia Nizamia that the State of Hyderabad was recognized as a major centre of Islamic learning in the late 19th and 20th century.

 Jamia Nizamia constitutes a major part of history of Islam in the sub continent particularly the Deccan and is a sacred heritage and an asset of the ummah in its existence.


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